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August 13, 2009



Sounds like you're a little disillusioned about our government... ;)

Another alternative would be to pick the worst polluting regions and invest in infrastructure to promote electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

I bet a small portion of the $2 billion could build quite a few electric charging stations in each of the rest stops all down Interstate 5, which would make it possible to drive all the way from Sacramento to San Diego on electricity.

Or it could provide loans to gas stations earmarked to build a Hydrogen refueling station grid so that we would be able to refuel our hydrogen vehicles. (I realize there are environmental concerns with the production of hydrogen as well, but that could be dealt with centrally at generation plants, instead of at the smog check station on each individual tail pipe.)

Just a couple other ways I can think of to spend the money.

tim akin

How about making all the members of congress drive one of these clunkers around their district and measure the carbon emissions for a period of time to really show them the problem. Then bribe them


Another Obama 'great idea' that has resulted in ZERO economic benefit, except for a very short term boost in sales.

Stop the government bailouts. Stop wasting tax payer dollars.

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