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July 28, 2009


Vicki Davis

Andrew, this is such an important point and yet somehow, I think that it is a total elephant in the room for academics because that elephant is and has been paying the paychecks of academics for so long!

I'm married to an engineer and he always says that his best professors at Georgia Tech were those who had ongoing interactions with various businesses. Now, some see this as creating natural conflicts of interest, however, I see it as an honesty check.

One thing about many educational technology "experts" is that they have never been in the classroom! They are teaching teachers how to teach and yet couldn't hold a classroom of teens if they tried! Although you don't have to do it to teach it, certainly being a part of what you're teaching about makes you much more relevant, connected, and real!

These are excellent points!

(BTW - are you related to Steve Hargadon- my good friend from Classroom 2.0 and now, elluminate?)

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