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July 04, 2007


Saul Kaplan

Andy Good list! Applies to collaborations as well. I often add....What would our next partner or collaborator bring to the party? asking this the focus is always on what new skills or experience do we need in order to grow. Saul

Ravi Joshi

Very nice one, keep more coming...

Business partnerships  Life on the road

[...] 9 Jul 2007 Businesspartnerships Posted by afterlife under Business Andrew has some great hints over on his blog about 7questions to ask a co-founder. Its more of a list of preparatory steps and things to think about. Having gone through this already, its very true. Partnering in business is like partnering in marriage and you quickly become attached at the hip. For me, its been a great experience, but you really need to evaluate who you are going to partner with before you start on any adventure. [...]

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