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November 01, 2006



I agree with you fully on this. MySpace is a business and as such it needs to evolve to meet the changing demands of its customers. In information security companies are always chasing the hot topic: "edge security", "defense in depth", "compliance". This is a bit of ambulance chasing but it also shows the industry is willing to change and adapt to the changing times and threats.

But I *do* feel that social networks are changing and evolving. Everyone would agree that the Internet has changed our lives by bringing us closer together at faster speeds. In the same way, the Internet has changed the way that we interact and network.

We see things happen that never were possible before, such as the Long Tail. We make connections across a much wider range of networks and physical distances.

I know teenagers who use MySpace for the social aspect and 20-somethings who use it "just to keep tabs on friends". Facebook came about because college students wanted to break from their highschool past. Businesses adopt Wikis to benefit from colaboration.

The world is changing and to brand things with terms like "bubble" or "revolutionary" are very broad stokes that don't mean much. We need to take a look at each company (or would be company) and ask ourselves: are they satisfying their customers? Are they willing to change and adapt? These answers will determine their fate much more than their current "fad" status.

What is the business of MySpace?  Life on the road

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