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November 10, 2005


Steve Hargadon

I remember similar sentiments coming up with instant messenger years ago. That has somewhat sorted itself out--I just ignored those messages from people who insisted on interrupting my work to say something that could have been better sent in an email and didn't really need to be answered right at that moment. Over time, without a response, they just went away... And now Ifind others ignoring me sometimes... :)

Seems to me the same thing will happen with email, or is happening. I don't care to wade through all the garbage, and I've noticed as well that others aren't responding to emails the way they used to--we're all just tired of it, and my feelings aren't hurt anymore when someone doesn't respond because I figure they, like me, are just overloaded.

So, a society addicted to busy-ness, not able to be strategic and thoughtful, caught up in the "thick of thin things"--what is likely to happen? My guess is some kind of catastrophe (natural or economic) that comes will be the result of our not looking carefully at the right things, and then it will bring us back to the realities of life...

Steve Hargadon

Oh, and I forgot to mention cell phones. Heaven forbid that we might actually have to plan in advance, or be careful of someone else's time.... No, let's just call them every five minutes to ask some little something, since whatever is on our mind is the most important thing, right?

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