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November 07, 2005



This is an example of the user created content and the wide spread implementation of individual product development. With tools and technology becoming more ubiquitous and cheaper we individuals are creating products and things we used to rely on others for. So innovation and design are going to trump product more so than ever. In addition the ability to cross platforms and incorporate a slew of added features with ease (leap frog) will keep buyers more interested in buying than building.



This really is the challenge. Now that so many people can create, copy, or modify products, design is becoming more appreciated but also more accessible. How can design add distinctive value when it's something everyone can tak part in? One side would say it's because good design is harder to come by...but good design is also easier to copy these days. The trick lies in extending design's reach beyond boxes and into the networks, where it becomes difficult, again, to leapfrog your own offering

Davis Freebergs Digital Connection  Blog Archive  Partner or Compete? How TV Monopolies Benefit From Competition In The DVR Industry

[...] TiVo may be the brand name in the DVR space, but its no secret that theyve faced a lot of competition from cable and satellite providers. Despite all of the doom and gloom that weve heard though, over the past few years, instead of fighting the cable and satellite operators head on, weve instead seen TiVo partner with these competitors and they now have licensing agreements with DirecTV, Comcast, Cox the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC). Collectively, these relationships represent over 65 million potential homes that TiVo could find themselves in and with the DVR marketplace exploding in the growth, TiVo is well positioned to leverage these relationships to help accellerate their own expansion plans. [...]

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